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brief review of some interesting works
Published on August 8, 2004 By sacrat In OS Customization

In a garbage of skins for a certain application one could often find few perls.

This time I'll tell you about some interesting Aston themes.

insignia -special by frozzzen/A.R.T.

Insignia Special in some reasons managed to become one of the most popular Aston themes ever created. Theme itself is highly contrast and bright and doesn't hurt one's eyes when using it constantly. The range of this theme's application is very wide: from home to office Desktops. It's equally loved by newbies and Aston veterans. Solid work with few interesting innovations (try to find yourself).

Techno Dream ...No Escape by Roman Osadchy/A.R.T.

Roman rarely releases themes, but each of them can be called a masterpiece. This time he played a round a gray wallpaper, trying to build a theme around it. The theme is clear, nice done and doen't have any visual glitches. At the same time it's very beautiful and ergonomic. Gray isn't the color, preferred by most skin and theme designers (most of them love blue), but I cannot imagint this theme being colored. Innovations include a set of "displays", which react on hovering your mouse above them. Besides, Roman additionally provided AltDesk and Rainlendar skins with the same design. I used this theme as the only one for a big period of time and highly recommend you doing the same.

Ocean Morning v1 by Roman Osadchy/A.R.T.

Roman's first hit, Ocean Morning is an excellent office-style theme. It has a good color combination and overall usability level. A usage of quite a simple design techniques and combinations of several tints of blue make it slightly "popsy", so it may fit most needs by an "average user".

MyAqua by Smanic/A.R.T.

This theme is quite outdated techically, but still ramains an interesting stuff: it was one of the very first works, using ANK animation and Toppanel elements (another one was my n3o). Some people like this theme for a fancy "aqua" style, others like "a chick". As for me, I love this theme for being "the first": no one before used smooth zoom animations in Aston, but now this effect is quite common.

N-SyS eXTaZy by frozzzen/A.R.T.

Frozzzen's recent masterpiece, N-SyS eXTaZy is one of the best of his themes. This time Frozzzen tried to experiment more with freeform objects and implemented in Aston 1.9 features. It's less "popsy", than his previous themes, but nevertheless a solid work. Starting from Insignia, Frozzzen is building his own style, which is adored by thousands of users all over the world.

Ocean by Dmitry Prosvirnin/A.R.T.

Dmitry is a regular GS artist/designer, so his theme releases are not too frequent (lots of other job). Ocean is the first of his "new wave" themes. It is done excellently and has some very interesting moments. For example, toppanel items seem to overlap each over on the opening, most buttons are animated and react on mouse hovers and so on. This theme is highly recommended for the people, looking for a theme to use it daily: light, bright, beautiful, ergonomic... What else do you need?

Prion by Mrbiotech/A.R.T.

This theme is crazy, just like any other work by Mrbiotech. He recently joined A.R.T. and already created one of the most interesting Aston themes I've ever seen. Experimenting a lot with freeform objects and uncommon object placement he manages to get very interesting results. Even while looking at the shot you can see, that this work looks completely different from other themes. It is definitely not the best choice for office machines, but if you feel tired from the themes, looking similar, you should give it a try.

Gadnium 1024x768 by Brad Cannon

Simplicity in its best. I wish there were more themes like that on Aston homepage. Gadnium mostly reminds a Litestep theme, coming from the middle of the 90th: very simple and plain. Who said, that minimalism is bad?

Enough for today. Do you want to know more? Then click a link and see yourself.

on Aug 12, 2004
Good stuff!