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Skinning your system for free. Is it possible?
Published on August 5, 2004 By sacrat In OS Customization

It's a pity, that some developers trend to ignore groups of people, that cannot afford a legal copy of their software. No, I'm not talking about ones, spending tens of bucks a day for beer, but not willing to pay the same money for an app they like. In some contries, like Russia, where the salary of an average person is rarely more, than $100 a month (that's hardly a survival minimum) and people often buy computers for no more, than $500 (including monitor), the problem of software piracy is quite a critical.

So, what should a person do if he (she) wants to get a program, but cannot pay for it? Let's take skinnable software as a sample.

So what can you do if you don't have money to buy a favorite product? The easiest legal way is using free altrnatives: this requires no efforts from your side. The harder approach implies getting a program in return of doing some job. Talking for myself, I have quite a large set of applications, "bought" this way. Free software is good. Getting money for one's work is no way worse. So, paying with your brain/hands instead of your money is quite a honest approach, don't you think? be continued...

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